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Advanced strategic management builds upon the basic concepts of strategic management and delves deeper into more complex and specialized topics. The focus of this advanced strategic management is on developing and implementing strategies that can provide organizations with a sustained competitive advantage.

This course is designed for individuals who already have a strong foundation in strategic management and are looking to deepen their knowledge and skills. It will be helpful for individuals who are interested in pursuing senior management positions or consulting roles.

This advanced strategic management is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to develop and implement effective strategies in complex and dynamic business environments.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding advanced concepts and frameworks: The first objective of an advanced strategic management course is to provide students with an understanding of advanced concepts, theories, and frameworks in strategic management. This includes topics such as corporate-level strategy, competitive strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship, and global strategy.
  • Analyzing complex business environments: The second objective is to teach students how to analyze complex business environments, including global markets, regulatory frameworks, and diverse cultural contexts. This includes understanding how to identify emerging trends, anticipate changes, and assess risks and opportunities.
  • Developing and implementing advanced strategies: The third objective is to teach students how to develop and implement advanced strategies based on complex and dynamic business environments. This includes understanding how to formulate effective strategies for different types of businesses, such as diversified firms, global enterprises, and startups.
  • Evaluating strategy performance and making adjustments: The fourth objective is to teach students how to evaluate the performance of advanced strategies using key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics. This includes understanding how to track progress, measure success, and make adjustments as needed to ensure the organization's long-term success.
  • Applying advanced strategic management concepts: The fifth objective is to teach students how to apply advanced strategic management concepts to real-world business scenarios. This includes case studies and simulations that allow students to practice their strategic thinking and decision-making skills in complex and dynamic business environments.

Course Content

Introduction to Advanced Strategic Management
Overview of the course objectives, content, and expectations Review of the foundational principles and concepts of strategic management

External Analysis and Strategic Positioning
Conducting a comprehensive external analysis of the industry and market environment Analyzing the competitive forces and identifying key success factors Identifying strategic positioning options and selecting the most appropriate one

Internal Analysis and Resource Allocation
Conducting a comprehensive internal analysis of the organization's resources, capabilities, and competencies Analyzing the organization's strengths and weaknesses and identifying areas for improvement Developing resource allocation strategies that align with the organization's strategic goals

Strategic Planning and Implementation
Developing a strategic plan that outlines the organization's goals, objectives, and initiatives Developing an implementation plan that details the actions required to achieve the strategic goals Implementing and monitoring the strategic plan to ensure that it is on track and effective

Strategic Evaluation and Control
Developing a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of the strategic plan Identifying key performance indicators and metrics for measuring success Developing a control system for monitoring progress and making necessary adjustments

Strategic Leadership and Change Management
Understanding the role of strategic leadership in driving organizational change Developing effective leadership skills and competencies for leading strategic change Implementing change management strategies that ensure successful adoption of strategic initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics
Understanding the importance of corporate social responsibility and ethics in strategic management Identifying key stakeholders and understanding their expectations Developing strategies that align with ethical and social responsibility principles

Corporate-Level Strategy
This topic covers issues related to diversification, vertical integration, and mergers and acquisitions. It focuses on developing strategies that optimize the organization's portfolio of businesses or product lines.

Competitive Strategy
This topic covers differentiation, cost leadership, and focus strategies. It focuses on developing strategies that enable the organization to gain a competitive advantage in its industry.

International and Global Strategy
Understanding the challenges and opportunities of global business environments Developing global strategies that align with the organization's goals and objectives Managing cultural differences and developing cross-cultural competencies

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Understanding the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in strategic management Identifying opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship within the organization Developing strategies for managing and implementing innovative initiatives

Case Studies
This topic involves the analysis of real-world business scenarios to develop and apply advanced strategic management concepts.

Future of Strategic Management
Understanding the emerging trends and future directions of strategic management Discussing the implications of new technologies, globalization, and other factors on strategic management Developing strategies for adapting to changing business environments

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